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'Drymatix' is a new, innovative brand with a wealth of consumer electronic
experience and expertise. Drymatix has created a new era of domestic dry
cleaning-giving everyone the opportunity to do their own dry cleaning in the
comfort and convenience of their own home.
By using hi-tech, innovative manufacturing, Drymatix will provide dry
cleaning machines worldwide, giving everyone an opportunity to buy this
brand new product through one of our distributors globally.
This new machine is fully compliant worldwide, carrying all safety
certification and is WEEE compliant. It passes all technical, safety and
ethical tests.

Save money paying for expensive dry cleaning, save money driving back and
forth to the dry cleaners. Save time and avoid the hassle of picking up your dry cleaning.

Dry cleaners closed? And you need that suit or dress for that
weekend party or function? With your very own dry cleaner at home this will
never happen again. Have your suit dry cleaned and steam pressed, for only

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